A fun & exciting idea to incorporate color and pattern to your built-in cabinets and interior shelves is by adding a wallcovering to the back wall. This is a simple and cheap way to enhance a space. If you are seeking kitchen ideas, wallpaper behind glass cabinets will make a world of difference.

How to accomplish this?

  1. First find a pattern or textured wallcovering that will elevate you space. Do not settle for anything too basic. The goal is to enhance you space, so you do not have to play it safe. I like to say, “Be Bold”!
  2. Once you decide on a wallcovering, it is time to measure out your shelves. Cut it out 3-4 centimeters larger on each side so that once you place it you’ll get an exact cut.
  3. For this step you will need an Xato knive and heavy duty adhesive. Apply the adhesive to the back of the wallcovering, then carefully place the cut piece of wallcovering to the surface. Use the Xato knife to trim off the excess areas of wallcovering make sure you are able to get a clean cut.
  4. Smooth it out using a straightedge to eliminate any air pockets to get a smooth, finished look. You may need to use the Xato again to get a crisp edge.

Here are a few examples to give you some inspiration!!

Photo Credit: Lucy & Company 

Photo Credit: A Lo and Behold Life

Photo Credit:The Painted Room

Photo Credit: Driven by Decor

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