I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I’m sure you had lots of food and have been doing a lot of sitting for the past couple of days while hanging with family and friends. Chairs are definitely a necessity in our daily lives, especially for the holidays. Functional seating is great; but, visual seating is much better! Some chairs are not meant to be sat on. And sadly that’s just reality. The Yumi II and Saji chair would not be one of those chairs you would have out for family gatherings. Instead, this chair would be something on display as a conversational piece.

Laura Kishimoto designed the Yumi II and Saji chairs with only thins strips of wood veneer and steel. She created free-form chairs by gradually flexing the wood just enough for it not to crack while supporting the overall structure. The fluidity of the curves are impressive and complex. These chairs were crafted so thoughtfully to conform to the shape of the body while still maintaining a structural art form. I love everything about these chairs! They sort of give me an Asian vibe because of its minimalism and lightness. There are no right angles in either chair; but, they are still able to maintain a strong presence. What are your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Laura Kishmoto Designs

Saji Chair: Front View

Saji Chair: Back View

Saji Chair: Side View

Saji Chair: Side View

Yumi II Chair: Front View

Yumi II Chair: Side View

Yumi II Chair: Side View


2 thoughts on “Chair of the Day: Yumi II & Saji Chair”

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