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If you are a color guru, then we have something in common. I love color an truly believe it has an effect on our daily experience. Color can make us happy, sad, excited, or mellow. Well how about walking into a room that immediately grabs your attention and have you questioning your sight?

Orijeen has come out with new furniture pieces called “Color Flow” that consists of a wardrobe and cabinet that changes color depending on your location and the location of the piece. This is accomplished by using a gradient shifting lenticular surface with convex lenses. The wardrobe shifts from blue to green, while the cabinet shifts from blue to pink. It has a mod design structure that enhances the smooth transitions between color shifts. This collection is a reflection of innovation and possibly the new product design of the future. The Color Flow collection may not coordinate with most scheme due to its strong visuals, but is  a great interactive piece that is bound to attract crowds!

Take a look!

Via: Orijeen – Color Flow Collection


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