As I approach the new year, I am anticipating an exciting night out in the city ready to welcome 2018. I am always ready for a for a celebration! Hopefully, you all are making plans as well to party, hang out with friends and family, or stay inside to watch the countdown from home. As you reflect on 2017, I want you to remember that as the year changes, so does color!

The new color for 2018 is… drum roll… Ultra Violet. Pantone released it earlier this month to the public. They made a decision based upon several variables that show up throughout the year in industries such as fashion, films, and technology. This purplish shade is the color for “imagination” and “exploration”.

Pantone’s announcement!

Via: Pantone

Via: Pantone


After seeing the new hue for the year, I felt inspired! I  began searching for some cool interior spaces to highlight. Take a look at what I found!

Via: Dekorasyon

Via: Lush Home

Via: Wayfair

Via: House Beautiful

Via: Baterfly

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